Today’s Dinosaur Quiz Answer

Dinosaur Quiz, Day 1:
brachiosaurusNTBrachiosaurus was a gigantic dinosaur. Scientists have estimated its weight at more than 28 tons (25 metric tons). Its neck and head stood up more than 40 feet (12 meters) in the air. The most complete skeletons found belong to animals not yet fully grown. So Brachiosaurus probably grew even longer and taller than we know. Source National Geographic Kids

Don’t forget to bring your answers to Dig It Day, Sept 23, 3:30-5 p.m. at Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center!

Community shares fellowship, fun in successful fundraising night

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Great fundraising night! Thanks to George and Marge, owners; Deanna and the entire staff at the McDonald’s and everyone from Zion Lutheran Church and School and the entire New Palestine community who came out and supported Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center Sept. 15. Kids and families, join us at Dani’s Dreams for the Dig It Day Sept. 23, 3:30-5 p.m. Go on an expedition and take home an authentic fossil!

Join us for dinner Sept. 15 at NP McDonald’s!


Remembering Our Roots and All Those Little Things…

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Photos by Elyse Sombke, Lutheran High School
Dani’s Dreams is all about the little things – seeds, children and moments that remind us all what’s really important. Our run walk is unique – we really do have the “coolest T-shirts on the planet”, designed for the eighth year by a Zion Lutheran student, Audrey Poole, but the walk/run day is a family celebration as well as an athletic event. We’re celebrating how one person’s life and dreams can continue to have a positive impact even after she leaves this earthly world. Children learn how truly powerful they are and what they can accomplish – whether it’s running around the track just one more time, and crossing the finish line with their great grandfather, seeing hundreds of people wearing your design, knowing your drawing is on the door of an educational facility, and above all, discovering and appreciating your small role in God’s awesome creation.
We so grateful for the opportunity to share Dani’s Dreams with the Zion Lutheran Church and School she loved so much and all of the support over these last eight years. We really believe we are just beginning to take root, and are so grateful for the New Palestine community who supported Dani’s Dreams through either signing up and attending the Run/Walk, or donating and volunteering.
Thanks to all who signed up and came to walk, to run (even a few feet) to enjoy and to celebrate seeing children reach their dreams!

Ooey, gooey Oobleck!

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Tonight Zion Lutheran students took a moment to get in the goo at the Dani’s Dreams table during registration. All those who participated got to take home a shell or starfish to celebrate this “Beach Day!” Check out the reaction to the “Ooey, Gooey Oobleck” experiment and don’t forget to support fun learning moments like this by registering or donating to Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run this Saturday morning at New Palestine High School.

Here’s the experiment:
Oobleck experiment_Page_1

Oobleck experiment_Page_2

(Source: Science Bob’s Blog)

Dani’s Dreams Scholarship Winner Sees Science at Work

Bryce Kleiman, New Palestine High School graduate, is the 2014 winner of the Dani Griffin Innovation in Education Scholarship. He will be recognized at the eighth annual Dani’s Dreams Memorial Run/Walk Aug. 2, 8 a.m. at New Palestine High School.

The son of Marcy and Brian Kleiman, Bryce will attend Purdue University in the fall to major in Ag Systems Management with an eye to continue in the family business.

“We raise boer goats, but I also show pigs and sheep. You may not think that there is a lot of science that goes into raising livestock, but you would be wrong,” Kleiman said in his scholarship essay. “You have to know the workings of genetics. . . The animals are just like humans; they need their nutrition to keep them in good health. That is science at work and that is why I have chosen it for my future.”

Bryce is the seventh recipient of the Dani Griffin Innovation in Education Memorial Scholarship. He attended Zion Lutheran School for 10 years. Your registration and donations to the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run will help support Bryce and other ambitious, focused, intelligent young people to reach their dreams. Check out our sign-up page and register or donate TODAY!

Dani’s Dreams Helpers Make A Difference!

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Remember Our Roots on WHITEHow does Dani’s Dreams gardens grow? Quite well, thanks to Zion Lutheran Daycare children who have been providing the necessary TLC through planting, watering and weeding. Dani’s Dreams provides children with hands-on learning experiences while developing responsibility and appreciation for the environment.
Your registration/donation for the Aug. 2 Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run gives even more children the opportunity to “Dream It – Do It!”
CLICK HERE to register and get your coolest T-shirt on the planet!

Dani’s Beach Animal Quiz – Guess the Right Answer and Win!

dani019Dani’s Dreams is celebrating summer with newsletters, quizzes, special events and prizes. Check in every day – Like us on Facebook!

Here’s the final clue in our Beach Animal Quiz:

I am an acrobat of the sky, floating motionless in midair by catching wind currents with perfect timing and precision.


KIDS — POST your answers here or on Facebook by July 26 and the first one with the right answer wins a free registration, including T-shirt for the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 2 at New Palestine High School.

July 6 Clue: I am a scavenger, eating dead fish and bits of seaweed and other types of natural litter and hanging around picnic areas, trash cans and places where people have eaten for whatever crumbs are left.

Guess the Right Answer and Win a Free T-shirt!

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Dani’s Creature Quiz

Dani’s Dreams is celebrating summer with newsletters, quizzes, special events and prizes. Check in every day – Like us on Facebook!

The first kid to guess the name of this week’s beach creature correctly and post a photo of their drawing of the animal with their answer on the Dani’s Dreams Facebook Page will win a free registration, including T-shirt for the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 2 at New Palestine High School.

July 1: I am a bird in the large family named Larus, which means “ravenous sea bird” in Latin.

Sign up for Dani’s Dreams Walk/Run NOW! Get the Coolest T-shirt on the Planet!

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The wait is over…the community has spoken and Audrey Poole, a Zion Lutheran sixth grade student created the design for the 2014 Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run. Audrey’s design was chosen from many creative ideas and interpretations of the theme, “Remember Our Roots,” this year’s theme at Dani’s Dreams. Her design (above) will be on all T-shirts for the event Aug. 2 at New Palestine High School. Katie Taylor took second and Eli Boyd won third place, both are also sixth graders at Zion Lutheran.

CLICK HERE to SIGN UP now and make sure you have a T-shirt.

Remember the Farmer’s Day hayride? Remember the Peace Bear Project? Remember preschoolers digging for rocks and minerals? Remember planting seeds that are growing in the Grandparents Garden? Remember Weird Animals VBS activities and the Silly Safari family night presentation? Your registration will support another innovative, exciting and education year at Dani’s Dreams with lessons and special projects that give Southern Hancock children, grades K-8 unique science activities focusing on environmental education.

Click on the link above and sign up today!!! Remember Our Roots!


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