About Dani’s Dreams

Dani Griffin grew up from age 4 with New Palestine her playground and Zion Lutheran School her educational and spiritual foundation until age 14. She went on to wrenchingly leave the small town she loved when her family moved to El Paso right after her eighth grade graduation from Zion.

But she never forgot.

After graduation from high school in El Paso, she headed for the ocean to pursue her dreams of being a marine biologist. But a love of children and education shaped her goals to include becoming a teacher and a coach. She graduated from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. She was working as a substitute teacher awaiting a permanent position and at the Corpus Christi YMCA when she was killed in 2006 at age 23 by a speeding driver who drove through a stop sign.

As a lover of music, art and all things natural, Dani left a legacy of caring and concern for others and the world around her. To keep this spirit alive, her family in the New Palestine/Indianapolis area has established the Dani Dreams Outdoor Education Center at Zion Lutheran School to foster an interest in science and discovery through projects designed to develop an appreciation, responsibility and concern for the natural world and God’s creatures.

4 thoughts on “About Dani’s Dreams”

  1. I think that it is tragic how many people are killed every year by drunk/reckless driving. I think that your daughter Dani would of done great things, but think about this if she wouldn’t of left us, you may of not done all the great things that your doing now. I feel that it is wonderful what you are doing and god bless your family.

  2. Miss you so much. Every epic moment I have, I find myself talking to you. Forever in my prayers.


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