Inside Dani’s Dreams

Currently Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center consists of 7 learning centers:

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1. Go Green Discovery Center focuses on environmental education with a community garden, interactive exhibits and experiments in solar and wind energy. The building will also soon be powered by alternative energy sources.

2. Tree seedling nursery

3. Butterfly garden/wildflower area

4. Archaeological dig area

5. Bird feeders, houses

6. Indiana native plants

7. Dreaming Tree Hill gathering and creativity spot

The Dani Griffin Innovation in Education Memorial Fund at Zion Lutheran School began in Fall 2007 in celebration of 150 years of Christian education in Hancock County and in response to a need for hands-on science experiences for the 100-plus preschool through eighth grade students at Zion. The center is also open to all students in Hancock County, Scouts, preschools, church and community groups.

Founding sponsors are Noll Landscape Group, a donation in memory of Daniel Godbey, Matt Folkening, Eric Myers and Dani Griffin, Jack and Jackie Williams, Team Image Screenprint and Embroidery, Cops for Kids of Indiana, Inc., Manny Pina, Dr. Brian Schoppel, K&K Fence, Joe and Eloise Hawkins, Paula Whitelaw, David Douglas and Pam Haase, C.J. Miller, Bob and Francie Kissel, Jeffrey and Lorene Beauchamp, Ned Wallace and Wagner Signs.

Teachers, Scout leaders, preschool directors, youth group leaders: There are numerous opportunities for hands-on exploration, engaging learning and community service through a visit and participation in the activities of Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center.

Download and print the attached flyer or EMAIL for more information.

danisdream flyer



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