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Join in the fun for Dani’s Dreams Earth Day Challenge!

Come to Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center April 17, 3:30-5 p.m. for the Earth Day Grandparents/Grandkids “Change the World” Challenge.
Area children will team up with their grandparents to make crafts, take a “How well do you know me?” quiz, plant bulbs and just have old-fashioned fun with bubbles, by making a paper airplane and sharing a Frosty Boy ice cream treat. Every team that completes the challenge will receive a prize!
In celebration of Earth Day, families will also learn about Dani’s Dreams upcoming Butterfly Project, how their home can be a Certified Wildlife Habitat, and about the importance of sustainability to protecting the planet.
Those attending will also be able to cast their vote for the winning T-Shirt Design for the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 1 at New Palestine High School.
All Southern Hancock Children are invited to take on the Earth Day Grandparents/Grandkids Change the World Challenge. For more information, log onto http://www.danisdreamsoutdooreducationcenter.com, Like us on Facebook or email dgriffins96@gmail.com

Dani’s Dreams takes students on ‘Flight Adventures’

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For the fifth year, Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center sponsored family activities for Southern Hancock children by bringing the Children’s Museum to Zion Lutheran School Feb. 11, 6-8 p.m.
Special activities and exhibits allowed students to discover the physics of flight. Families worked together to create a model aircraft, test flight dynamics, and explore air using a wind tunnel.

This event kicked off the year’s activities for Dani’s Dreams…get ready to Change the World in 2015!

Dani’s Dreams is the only outdoor education center in Hancock County – if you would like to be involved through financial support or volunteering, email dgriffins96@gmail.com or call 317-640-4430.

Ready for Takeoff?

childrensmuseumflyer2015Flight Adventures

Fly away with us on a flight adventure! Discover the physics of flight, create your own model aircraft, test flight dynamics, and explore air using a wind tunnel.

These are a few of the activities for families at Children’s Museum Night at Zion Lutheran School, sponsored by Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center.

Join us Feb. 11, 6-8 p.m. – concessions will be available by the Zion PTL.

How will El Nino affect your winter weather?

Dani says – Want to find out what the weather will be like this winter and learn about El Nino?
Check out this link from WeatherBug.

What I Learned at Dani’s Dreams…

Only two months until our biggest fundraiser of the year, Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run, Aug. 2 at New Palestine High School. Dani’s Dreams empowers kids to make a difference in the world while learning and sharing important information. Sign up today online for the walk/run that help Dani’s Dreams sponsor events like Troop 924’s Badge Day!
Check out this video report from Girl Scout Troop 924 in Hancock County


Remember When You Were A Kid?

when i was a kid interview sheet Tomorrow’s “Remember Our Roots” celebration kicks off a year of activities, learning and fun at Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center, with kids taking the lead and connecting to their roots – their grandparents.

“We’d play catch, we’d play marbles, we’d play tag and baseball and football and throw snowballs in the winter, and we’d help each other do stuff- that was all fun,” said Cole Allen Vandygriff’s grandfather, Dido said in an email. “Sometimes we’d go to parks to play or even to the river (where we weren’t supposed go to) and even if we got hurt sometimes it was still fun to be with my friends. I guess our guardian angels had to work overtime sometimes but they did a good job.”

All grandparents and their grandchildren are invited to share their memories in the Go Green Center tomorrow, 3:30-5 p.m. either on video or by filling out the “When I Was A Kid” story form. The stories created, as well as the posts and pictures uploaded to the “Remember Our Roots” Facebook page, will be placed in a memory book for the end of the year.

We’ll also be planting bulbs, constructing mini-greenhouses, gathering knowledge on a nature detective hunt and creating family tree stories about life when grandparents were children.

Studies show that environmental education improves student achievement in core subject areas and also makes students more interested in learning overall. What’s more, getting kids outside and active promotes a healthy lifestyle that is essential to fighting obesity and reducing symptoms associated with attention deficit disorder, depression, and stress.

And for all generations, nothing beats being outside, enjoying God’s wonderful creation, and spending precious moments with family – join us!



Find Your Treasures of the Earth

members.nationalgeographicCheck out this video, The Making of “Treasures of the Earth”, from National Geographic about the creation of the “National Geographic Treasures of the Earth” exhibit at The Children’s Museum. This special exhibit is coming to New Palestine this Wednesday at Zion Lutheran School, 6-8 p.m. and is open to all area families for a FREE educational experience, which is the REAL TREASURE!