T-shirt Design Winners Make A Difference

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Emily Kleiman, an eighth grader at Zion Lutheran School is the winner of the 2011 Dani’s Dreams T-shirt design contest. Kleiman’s entry was chosen by those attending the Earth Day Dedication Event April 9 as the design for participant T-shirts for the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 6 at New Palestine High School.

This year’s theme for the Dani’s Dreams Walk/Run is “Make A Difference.” Registration brochures for the event will be available online at http://www.danisdreamsoutdooredcenter.wordpress.com and at area businesses and Zion Lutheran School.

Sam Spears and Anna Caster were chosen as essay contest winners; both are students at Zion Lutheran School.

Runners-up in the T-shirt design contest are Katie Gunn, fourth grader at Zion Lutheran and Kara Teipen, seventh grader at Doe Creek Elementary. Their designs will be on the Dani’s Dreams Walk/Run brochures and posters that will be on display at area businesses.

Winners of the T-shirt design and essay contest receive a free T-shirt and monetary prizes at the start of the Dani’s Dreams Walk/Run Aug. 6

Proceeds from the event will go toward continued development of the Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center, open to the Southern Hancock community, featuring seven learning centers, including an archaeological dig, vegetable garden, butterfly garden, bird watching and Discovery Center learning centers designed for environmental and conservation education.

To become a sponsor, to donate or for more information, contact Donna and Dave Griffin at dgriffins@netzero.com, call Zion Lutheran School at 861-4210 or send to Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center at Zion Lutheran Church and School, 6513 W. 300S, New Palestine, IN 46163.


I Can Make A Difference in My Community

By Sam Spears

I can make a difference in my community by picking up trash in the park and recycling all that I can.

I can pick up trash on the side of the road. I can use less water and electricity. I can plant a new tree and ride my bike to school.

I have not littered since I was 2 and a half.

By Anna M. Caster

I can make a difference in my community when I pick up trash anywhere lying on the ground. If nobody did that what would happen? I can save energy by turning off lights when I don’t need the lights. I also can ride my bike anywhere I need. I can also plant some trees in the ground. I can help animals not be endangered. I can also plant flowers. I also can use both sides of the paper when I’m drawing! And I can help Dani’s Dreams. I can also help the school. I could reuse a milk jug to make a birdhouse. I can bring my un-needed papers and magazines to the school to recycle.

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