Children’s Museum Comes To Town Oct. 19

Fit Minds, Healthy Bodies will be the order of the day when the Children’s Museum comes to the Southern Hancock area. Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center will host a School Outreach for all Hancock County K-5th grade students Oct. 19, 6-8 p.m. at Zion Lutheran School, 6513 W. 300 S., New Palestine.
The focus of the event is for families to learn and interact together. Museum educators will facilitate presentations and provide activity supplies.
The event will include presentations on:
Portion Distortion
Did you know that two tablespoons of peanut butter are about the size of a ping pong ball and that one pancake should be the size of a CD? Families will create their idea of serving sizes using play dough, and then compare them to actual healthy serving sizes using everyday objects.
Sugar Shock!
Learn about the sugar content that is contained in the drinks that your family might consume on a regular basis. Are you making healthy drink choices? Play a matching game to test your knowledge, and then practice measuring sugar amounts and learning more about the drinks that you consume.
Feel the Beat
Keep your heart healthy and strong! Families will enjoy learning about the heart using scientific models. Learn ways to take your pulse and explore active and resting heart rates and then graph them on a chart.
What’s Bugging You?
Good nutrition and lots of active play builds strong bodies. However, germs can make even a healthy body sick. Work together as a family to learn how easily germs are picked up and the importance of proper hand washing by using germ models and a black light box.
Health Around the Clock
Healthy habits are important 24 hours a day — especially while you sleep. Take your time at this station to explore sleep habits and learn about your ‘stop’ and ‘go’ times for adults and children. Quiz one another about who is getting enough sleep in your family and make clocks to take home as reminders.
Color Me Healthy
Take the pyramid challenge with your family. Take a look at the food pyramid posters and talk about foods that you like to eat that are in each category. Create magnetic art as a reminder to eat healthy every day!
Investigation and Recreation
Explore health related books and write down some delicious healthy recipes to try at home.
Active Play Every Day
Did you know that kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day? Make it fun for the whole family by participating in our active play stations: jump ropes, hopscotch and hula hoops!
For more information on the Oct. 19 event, log onto:, call Zion Lutheran School, 861-4210 or email:

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