Watch ‘Em Grow Winners!

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Five Southern Hancock students’ creative talents will be on display this year in the fifth annual Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 4 at New Palestine High School.
Katie Taylor, a fourth grader at Zion Lutheran School is the winner of the T-shirt design contest. Taylor’s design will be featured on T-shirts for the event. Second place goes to LeeAnn James, a fifth grader at Sugar Creek Elementary and third place winner is Sarah Maynard, a third grader at Sugar Creek.
Their designs are featured online and will be used in walk/run brochures and on posters for the event.
Essay contest winners are Ireland Crabtree, a second grader at Zion Lutheran School and Drake Shadle, a first grader at New Palestine Elementary.
Check out their winning essays:
By Ireland Crabtree,Second rade,
Zion Lutheran School

We could plant some trees in a park or two. I would help grow gardens in my neighborhood. Instead of riding in a car, you could ride your bike or you could walk. We could grow a vegetable garden and give some food to a food pantry. You need to ride your bike because you don’t need to use gas. We should plant trees because it takes in carbon dioxide. I could have a neighborhood clean up. Reuse old shoes instead of buying new ones. Also you can reuse old backpacks too. We can recycle old cans, bottles and paper.

By Drake Shadle, First Grade,
New Palestine Elementary

I can can help my community grow by picking up trash. Trash can harm animals. Animals can also eat trash and get sick.
I can also help my community grow by recycling. Recycling is important because it saves trees. Let me explain how. We cut down trees for paper. If we throw away paper, that will waste trees.
Giving can also help my community grow. People can donate food to soup kitchens That way people with no food or money could have food.

Following the fifth annual Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run, the new Go Green Discovery Center will be opened. Donate $100 and your name will be listed on the dedication plaque at the center. Email for more information.
Send your donation to: Dani’s Dreams
Outdoor Education Center at
Zion Lutheran School
6513 W. 300 S.
New Palestine, IN 46163

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