FREE Family Time at Children’s Museum Night

Join Dani’s Dreams for an evening of free, educational and entertaining activities designed for families to learn and interact together when the Children’s Museum comes to Zion Lutheran School Sept. 26, 6-8 p.m.
Bring your family, friends and neighbors

Here’s a Sneak Peek at some of the fun
(7 activities and 2 presentations planned):

Balloon Sculpture
Have you seen the Fireworks of Glass sculpture by renowned artist Dale Chihuly at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis? Families can join in the fun as they try to create their own curly, colored, twisty art pieces out of balloons! Then, by adding each piece to an armature just like Chihuly’s team did, we hope to leave a sculpture at your school that is similar to our museum sculpture.
Hot Shop
Hot’ shop’, n.—A glass working studio containing a furnace, glory hole and glass blowing team. Families can step into our mock Hot Shop to see some glassblowers’ tools and learn about the studio in which glass art is created. Families are invited to match the tool with its name and try to “gather glass” and keep it on a “punty.”
Shape Scape
What do macchias, seaforms and baskets all have in common? In the glass world, they are some of Dale Chihuly’s titles for very eye-catching art! Families create their own versions of these 3-D forms using the closest thing we could find to glass (transparency film) and “safe” heat from a heat gun to form sculptures. We use heat guns for this activity, so adult supervision is a must!
Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center is sponsoring the FREE EVENT for all Southern Hancock children. The Zion PTL will provide a Taco bar for concessions.

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