So Grow and Do It…

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At Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center, we’re growing vegetables and flowers. Volunteers are weeding, watering and watching the plants grow.

Thanks to rain barrels donated by the Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation District, watering is easier. Zion Lutheran Daycare children gave the green bean, pumpkin and corn seeds their first drink with water from the rain barrels – conservation in action!

You can grow your own green beans:

Use a container filled with dirt or find a spot for a garden in your backyard.

Get some green bean seeds, (Bush beans are easier to grow than pole beans.)

Dig a hole about half a finger deep and drop in two or three seeds every four inches.

Cover them up lightly with dirt.

Watch, water and weed  – you should see a sprout in about a week.

In about 55 days, you will have green beans to pick just like at Dani’s Dreams!

If you want to be a part of Watching ‘Em Grow in our Community Garden, email or call 317-640-4430.

Let us know how your garden is growing… Post your pictures and comments here or on the Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center’s Facebook page.

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