Families, You Can Find the ‘Treasures of the Earth’

useDSC_0425Hancock County families can beat cabin fever and shake off the winter doldrums with a family “treasure hunt” Feb. 26, 6-8 p.m. at Zion Lutheran School’s gymnasium. Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center is sponsoring an evening of free, educational and entertaining activities designed for families to learn and interact together when the Children’s Museum comes to New Palestine, with the National Geographic’s “Treasures of the Earth.” Zion Lutheran’s PTL will be providing concessions during the event.

A few of the 7 activities and interactive presentations planned:

Tools of Discovery Examine and identify authentic tools in an archeologist’s pack: pointed trowel, margin trowel, line level, folding ruler, hand sifter, brushes and more. Learn how each tool is used in an archaeological excavation.

Secrets under the Sea For years, no one recognized the “rocks” and coral in 10 feet of water in the Caribbean Sea as a pile of 26 cannons among pieces of anchors. Assemble a science experiment and take it home to observe and learn about what happens to metal objects in saltwater environments.

Tomb Readers Families will translate hieroglyphs in a pharaoh’s cartouche to discover who was buried in the longest, deepest, and most complete tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

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