Dani’s Dreams Helps Troop 924 Earn Badges

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Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education at Zion Lutheran School partnered with Hancock County Girl Scout Troop 924 for a special Badge Day event May 18. The Junior Troop of Megan Brinley, Lyssie Davenport, Alaina Davis, Lyndsay Diefenderfer, Cassie Moch and Sarah Warner earned their Animal Habitat badge and the Brownie Troop members Sarah Stonerock and Lilly Warner completed the requirements for Bird and Bug badges.

The girls and their leaders spend the afternoon at Dani’s Dreams, discovering the types of birds in the area, observing several types of bugs and learning about endangered animals and how they can help. They also filled bird feeders at Dani’s Dreams and made one to take home.

After their hands-on activities, troop members became Dani’s Dreams reporters and shared their knowledge with others through posters, written and video reports.

Here’s a sampling of what the girls learned:

Cassie Moch reported about parrots in the rainforest:

“It is important so there is more animals around and to save them. Kids can help by doing research about the animals and what can help them.”

Lyssie Davenport reported on endangered animals in the Amazon, specifically the scarlet macaw:

“This is important because we need these animals in the eco-system or more animals will go extinct. Kids can help by spreading the word. Sometimes the only things that adults listen to are children.”

Sarah Stonerock found out that the ladybug is found all over the world. It can play dead when it is threatened. Its favorite thing to eat is aphids.

Lilly Warner discovered that the dragonflies eat tadpoles and like to be near the water.


Check out more fun facts in the Dani’s Dreams video reports the girls created and plan your Scout, daycare, preschool or class trip to Dani’s Dreams  or email Donna Griffin, director, at dgriffins96@gmail.com. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook!



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