Weird Animal Facts – Day 1

weird-hands-helens-flying-frog-5-600x592Helen’s Flying Frog (left) – Check out those mitts! Their webbed hands are similar to those of Wallace’s flying frog, a slightly larger flying frog that can glide up to 50 feet (15 meters) from tree to tree in its jungle habitat of Malaysian Borneo. Flaps of skin on the forearms also help these frogs glide.weird-hands-aye-aye-1-600x400

The Aye-Aye (below) is probably the weirdest of all us primates, the aye-aye’s hands look certifiably villainous, with its long, bony, clawed Nosferatu fingers—especially that extra-long middle one. It uses that to tap-tap-tap on trees to detect hollow places in the bark where delicious insects might be. When it finds one, it bites through the wood and—yoink!—uses that wicked long finger to snap its prey.

* Facts from National Geographic’s website

Check back tomorrow for more weird animals and facts from Dani’s Dreams during VBS at Zion Lutheran School, New Palestine.


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