Dani’s Beach Animal Quiz – Guess the Right Answer and Win!

dani019Dani’s Dreams is celebrating summer with newsletters, quizzes, special events and prizes. Check in every day – Like us on Facebook!

Here’s the final clue in our Beach Animal Quiz:

I am an acrobat of the sky, floating motionless in midair by catching wind currents with perfect timing and precision.


KIDS — POST your answers here or on Facebook by July 26 and the first one with the right answer wins a free registration, including T-shirt for the Dani’s Dreams Memorial Walk/Run Aug. 2 at New Palestine High School.

July 6 Clue: I am a scavenger, eating dead fish and bits of seaweed and other types of natural litter and hanging around picnic areas, trash cans and places where people have eaten for whatever crumbs are left.

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