How does a paper airplane fly? Find out Friday at Dani’s Dreams Earth Day Challenge!

Grandparents and grandkids  – the challenge is on this Friday at Dani’s Dreams! Kids, get your grandparents and have some old-fashioned fun from 3:30-5 p.m. on April 17. Crafts, activities and fun are planned. One stop on the challenge is the “How Far Can It Fly? station. Here are some tips on how to soar above the rest!


imgresWhat makes a paper airplane fly? Air — the stuff that’s all around you. Hold your hand in front of your body with your palm facing sideways so that your thumb is on top and your pinkie is facing the floor. Swing your hand back and forth. Do you feel the air? Now turn your palm so it is parallel to the ground and swing it back and forth again, like you’re slicing it through the air. You can still feel the air, but your hand is able to move through it more smoothly than when your hand was turned up at a right angle. How easily an airplane moves through the air, or its aerodynamics, is the first consideration in making an airplane fly for a long distance.

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