Bodies in motion at Children’s Museum Night

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Dani’s Dreams Innovation in Education Corp. led the way in celebrating “Fit Minds and Healthy Bodies” and discovering how to keep them that way during Children’s Museum Night, Feb. 1 at Zion Lutheran School.

Nearly 150 students and their parents got a close-up look at everyday germs, measured the sugar in soft drinks, raised their heart rates through hula hooping and other games and tested their knowledge of the food pyramid and portions.

Children’s Museum Night kicks off the 2017 activities for Dani’s Dreams which is commemorating a decade of empowering students and teachers to create, explore,  discover and “Change the World!”

Dani’s Dreams, a 501c3 non-profit organization, provides innovative, hands-on educational experiences for students in grades K-12. Join our team of volunteers who make it all happen! Email


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