Get Ready For Winter…The Trees Are!

images-2The last event of this busy year at Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center will be this Thursday, December 5, 3:30-5 p.m. We will be getting ready for winter – planting fall bulbs, making bird feeders, painting bird houses,  and talking about migration and hibernation. We’ll also be decorating for the holidays, making and hanging ornaments, and stringing popcorn. Make an ornament to take home for your tree! Hot chocolate and Mama Nita’s special cinnamon pizza will be keep everyone warm and fed. All children in Southern Hancock are invited – Dream It – Do It!


Many of the trees around this area are deciduous trees. This means the trees lose their leaves every year during fall/winter. The reason a tree will lose its leaves is because if the leaves on deciduous trees did not fall, the water in the leaves would freeze and the tree would die.

allegheny-outdoor-treeEVERGREEN TREES

Evergreen trees keep their leaves year round. They also mostly have needle type “leaves.” Deciduous trees lose their leaves seasonally and are also known for being brightly colored before they shed their leaves during the fall.

Join us at Dani’s Dreams as we decorate the trees in the Outdoor Education Center for this Holiday Season! Take an ornament home as well. – Dream It, Do It!

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