Expanding Our Reach….


With innovative environmental education events and activities, more children than ever took advantage of the chance to make a difference in the world around them at Dani’s Dreams in 2014. Girl Scouts, daycare kids and elementary, middle and high school students and teachers created, learned and discovered during Dani’s Dreams events, sharing their knowledge with others on Dani’s Dreams website, Facebook page and in video reports, stories and posters.


How does Dani’s Dreams gardens grow?

useIMG_5510Quite well, thanks to Zion Lutheran Daycare children who provided the necessary TLC through planting, watering and weeding throughout the growing season. Dani’s Dreams provides children with hands-on learning experiences while developing responsibility and appreciation for the environment.







useDSCN7271VBS Weird Animals

Dani’s Dreams brought Weird Animals activities and a Family Educational Presentation to Zion Lutheran Vacation Bible School in June 2014. Students planted and took their seeds home to “Watch ‘Em Grow!” and made tree badges with their names or pictures and words that showed how they can take care of God’s world.


useDSC_0626Ooey, gooey Ooblick!

Zion Lutheran students took a moment to get in the goo at the Dani’s Dreams table during registration in August 2014. Donations to Dani’s Dreams makes learning moments like this possible. Dani’s Dreams will design a unique learning opportunity for your class, preschool, Scout Troop, daycare or other community group. Email dgriffins96@gmail.com or call 317-640-4430.


Our walk/run is all about growing dreams…

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Dani’s Dreams is all about the little things – seeds, children and moments that remind us all what’s really important. Our run walk is unique – we really do have the “coolest T-shirts on the planet”, designed for the eighth year by a Zion Lutheran student, Audrey Poole, but the walk/run day is a family celebration as well as an athletic event. We’re celebrating how one person’s life and dreams can continue to have a positive impact even after she leaves this earthly world. Children learn how truly powerful they are and what they can accomplish – whether it’s running around the track just one more time, and crossing the finish line with their great grandfather, seeing hundreds of people wearing your design, knowing your drawing is on the door of an educational facility, and above all, discovering and appreciating your small role in God’s awesome creation.

We so grateful for the opportunity to share Dani’s Dreams with the Zion Lutheran Church and School she loved so much and all of the support over these last eight years. We really believe we are just beginning to take root, and are so grateful for the New Palestine community who supported Dani’s Dreams through either signing up and attending the Run/Walk, or donating and volunteering. Thanks to all who signed up and came to walk, to run (even a few feet) to enjoy and to celebrate seeing children reach their dreams!


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