Empowering kids for the future…


In its eighth year, Dani’s Dreams will be providing students throughout Hancock County the chance to “Change the World.” The center’s mission is to empower kids to take responsibility for the environment and its creatures through innovative programs, projects and events. We can tailor your visit and/or your classroom, troop or group project to your educational needs. Support Dani’s Dreams through donations and sponsorships of events and projects. Our membership campaign will begin soon – look for ways you can join Dani’s Dreams Team!

Here are some more highlights from 2014:


useDSC_0247Girl Scouts ‘dig’ Dani’s Dreams adventure

Girl Scout Troop 1134 from St. Michael’s School in Greenfield took a whirlwind tour of Dani’s Dreams in Oct. 21, learning about local birds and their songs, checking out the fossils and then going on their own archaeological dig for authentic fossils of their own. Troop 1134 leaders are Maura Hutchinson and Stephanie Capen.






Dani’s Dreams Kids Share Tree Knowledge

useDSC_0173Trees top the list of wonderful parts of God’s creation and Oct. 14, nearly 30 Southern Hancock students explored the wide variety of trees at Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center. Randy Caster, owner of Hillcrest Tree Farm explained that trees are really the first solar energy machine, taking in sun, water and carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen and sugar for the tree’s food.


photosynthesis_1PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light —- Sugar + Oxygen

Students divided into groups, and went on a tree exploration, compiling reports on how trees help humans and animals.

Thanks to Mr. Caster, each student took home their own Norway Spruce tree seedling for fall planting!

Dani’s Dreams reporter Anna Caster, Zion Lutheran student, gives you the fun facts about our towering tree friends.

By Anna Caster

Trees are very beautiful! There are many kinds of trees, such as Norway Spruce, White Pine, Juniper, Tulip Poplar, Maple and Cherry. Trees are useful for many different things in many different ways, such as shade, protection and shelter for animals, paper and wood products, and many other things.

Sam Adam, Audra Bloomer, Bailey Bonham, Danielle Taylor, Lucas Day, Alexandra Miano
Sam Adam, Audra Bloomer, Bailey Bonham, Danielle Taylor, Lucas Day, Alexandra Miano

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Humans are the exact opposite, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out

carbon dioxide. Trees are helpful in making gum, picnic tables, cutting boards, doors, and trees help keep the soil on the ground from having erosion. Trees are wonderful plants that God made for the enjoyment of humans and animals.

Trees can do so many different things in so many different ways. I love trees and you should too! Get a tree today! The best place to get any kind of tree is Hillcrest Tree Farm.


Dig It A Day of Discovery at Dani’s Dreams

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It was boys versus girls Sept. 23 when kids grabbed their tools and headed for an expedition in the Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education Center’s archaeological dig to find authentic fossils that are hundreds of years old. The children also filed their reports, identified the fossils they uncovered, and created informational booklets on dinosaurs for future Dani’s Dreams visitors.


10425357_10205306225160421_9167101570285832916_n“Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana” benefits Dani’s Dreams

Dani’s Dreams Director, Donna Griffin reached a long-held dream in October when her children’s book, “The Twelve Days of Christmas in Indiana” was published. Griffin shared and signed the book during a McDonald’s Fundraising Night in New Palestine with proceeds going to support Dani’s Dreams Outdoor Education’s Center’s mission to support innovation and STEM education in and outside of the classroom.


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